We perform services for all kinds of business events.

We adapt the catering to the type of event, space and the number of guests.

We personalize the service according to their needs, customer food preferences and budget; all highly

  qualified, taking care of to the minimum detail.

We developed a wide range cuisine to offer innovative solutions, promoting diversity, gastronomic identity and cultural

  aspects of food according to the needs of our customers, both in the proposals and in the presentation of the service.

We carefully select all the products that we cooked. Providing our guests a perfect meal with ingredients of high

  quality, proximity and of our own ecologic garden, Cal Tudela.

We maintained strict hygiene in the food process and the correct temperature during transport and service.

When you hire one of our services, you are helping us to integrate people with special needs or at risk of social

  exclusion. Improving their lives thanks to the remunerated activity developed.

We reinvest all our profits in the integration and compensation of our personal and their families, as well in the

  research and development in health areas, where we are present.

We contribute with professionals, transparency, proximity and personalized attention; the promotion of human

  dignity is our guide and the most important value of our project.

Recognized companies and institutions have chosen our catering services for their events.